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The premise of this record is kindred, family, for eternity and features several friends and family members on various tracks.

And is dedicated to our friend and fan
Peter DiGennaro
Who's dedication and strength will live on eternally in our hearts


released September 26, 2015

Mixed by: Steve "Gizmo" Mock, Khoi Nguyen, Monica Lynne Chase, and Dan Michael Produced and recorded by: Dan Michael at Studio 1421 Philadelphia, PA Mastered by: Jeffrey Scott Miller at Jethro Creative Album artwork by: Monica Lynne Chase and Jeffrey Scott Miller



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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Bosom Band Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bosom Band brings you back to the breast of music. This original Philadelphia rocking rhythm and bluesy eclectic group modernizes the nostalgia of juke-joints. Whiskey soaked tears and soulful songs from the heart. Live performance is a must see. This hard working band featuring Monica Lynne Chase & Dan Michael will have you swooning and pleading for an encore. ... more

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Track Name: Always Hungry
Throw out the fruit and crack me a nut
You can wine and dine me it'll never be enough

I got the bread but you got the meat
Feed me grapes or just have a seat

If you don't feed me, I'll be so blue
I'm always hungry, I'm so hungry for you

I'm not thirsty I need a bite
You got what I nee I want you tonight

If you don't feed me, I'll be so blue
I'm always hungry, I'm so hungry for you

For get the beer I need a slice
When you touch me there it feel so nice

If you don't feed me, I'll be so blue
I'm always hungry, I'm so hungry for you
Track Name: Bad Fortune
That voo-doo lady told me
"You gotta change your ways
But I told her
"This girl likes to play"

She spread the cards out on the floor
And told me the doom
But I told her
"This girl needs some room"

She read my palm and said to me
"You're gonna die"
But I told her
"Pour me a whiskey and rye"

Next was the crystal ball
"Honey it's too late"
But I told her
"Oh for heaven sake"

Then came a cup of tea
"Drink this and see"
Then I told her
"I think you poisoned me"
Track Name: Deliciously Low
Clean-I washed my hands and face
But not the oysters or the shells
Fishy things taste better sandy
Netting a better price

Pose-not a models stance
I offer rounded attributes
Obviously ripe for the plucking
Juicy, bitter gutter fruit

I always go
Lick my lips and take the change
Can't have me anymore today
I've always been deliciously low

Bite-I like it hard
With a tight knot and a bind
You can do anything you want
For the right price

Love-oh it costs much more
Than you are willing to give
Hurt me with your hands and your words
But, not your heart

I always go
Lick my lips and take the change
Can't have me anymore today
I've always been deliciously low
Track Name: Eternity
When you left me crying, and said you couldn't stay
I thought that you were joking, but then you walked away

I watched as you were leaving, your back was turned to me
Not once did you bother, to turn back to see

I wrote you a letter, I found it in the street
I'll make you hear my words, I'll make you talk to me

I don't even know you, you weren't home today
I can't understand, why you treat me this way

I watched you through the window, you were with another girl
She can't have you, I'm the only one in the world

I'm the only one you want, all that you need
I will have you back, or I'll make you bleed

I followed you today,I watched your every more
I know when you were sleeping, cause I stood by you in your room

I will keep you forever, til the end of time
Make you beg for mercy, and say that you are mine

In the end you'll know, it was meant to be
I'm your truelove, if only you could see

Now your still and quiet, lying next to me
We'' always be together, for all eternity
Track Name: Give Me A Sign
If you wanna be my man
You gotta give me, give me a sign

If you wanna dance again
You gotta give me, give me a sign

It's not about money, It's not about fame
I know that you want me, this ain't no game

If you want me to be your girl
You gotta give me, give me a sign

Ask me please to have a twirl
You gotta give me, give me a sign

It's not about me, it's all about you
Show me you want me give me that proof
Track Name: Kindred Spirits
Kindred Spirits We Are
Souls Perfectly Matched
We Know the True Selves
That Only We Can See
Bosom Friends

I Grow Closer
With Every Word He Writes
And Pray And Plead for The Day
Free From Influences That Just Don't Understand

Oh to Be with You
And Truelly Share My Soul
To Be More Than Friends
We Could Be Soul Mates
Track Name: Now I Know
I really thought
We'd be ok this time
Then I saw you Kissing her last night

Now I know
What they told me was true
Yes I know
You found someone new

You didn't see me
Standing there alone
Got in my car and drove
Down the dark and lonely road

Now I know
What they told me was true
Yes I know
You found someone new

Stayed at home last night
Baby crying the blues
And thought hard about
What I'm gonna do to you

Why'd you tell me you loved me
Why'd you buy me a ring
Why'd you make me believe you
And all those lovely things

I thought it would be
The best time of our lives
Then I saw you with her
And I'll never be your wife
Track Name: One Night Stand
He caught my eye
From across the room
Then he slid up beside me
I never saw him move

He sent chills up my spine
I thought he was so cool

He toughed my hand
And the room melted away
He held my face
And his eyes lit up in flames

I closed my eyes
It felt like summer sand

I was seduced
I was drawn right in
It was a one night stand
He never told me his name
But I knew
He was the devil man

He was all in black
And I was decked in red
He had hungry eyes
Like he's never, ever been fed

I opened my eyes
I was with him in bed
Track Name: Slave
At your will
I will be
You want me to be

Tell me
Tell me

On your command
I will do
But only for you

Make me
Make me

Hold me up
Tie me down
Feel my body
From the inside out
Pull my hair
Push me down
Tell me not to make a sound

At your will
I will do
But only for you

Make me
Make me

For your love
I will do
You want me to

Love me
Love me
Track Name: Walk The Hard Line
You came over last night
Cause you needed a bite
You were hungry for love
But you pushed and you shoved

You can take all the money
And the baggage and booze
And walk the hard line now
You've got everything to loose

You said love and I do
But you found someone new
I'm sick of your lies
So I'm saying good-byes

Now you're walking the street
Craving sweet buttered meats
You're a scoundrel at best
Oh you're like all the rest

You were had by a skunk
Threw your ads in the trunk
Now you're begging her please
Have mercy on me
Track Name: Who Do You Think You Are
I don't know who
You think you are
I don't know who
Will want to take us far

I don't know when
We'll have to say goodbye
I don't know when
It's gonna be alright

I don't know why
You use us like you do
I don't know why
You have to be so cruel

I don't know how
We're gonna get through this
I don't know how
To check this off the list

I don't know what
We're doing anymore
I don't know what
The world have in store

I don't know when
The sky will open up
I don't know how
We've gotten so corrupt

I don't know why
You think you own the stars
I don't know who
You think you are